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Sunday March 2nd @ [16:22]

Update, update, updates! Any comment on my new layout? Tic it on my guestbookie alrite? hehe... by the way, just to inform all of the visitors out there... who already sent / is goin' to send me mail, I won't be able to reply the mails because I'm not goin' to check my mailbox for these moment because of some 'unexplainable' ploblems. So, what I'm goin' to do is... I  just empty all the mails in my mailbox! hehe... Oh ya! this is especially for Lynn, stop sending me all that FORWARD MAILS! I have no time for your nonsense! Haha! *j/k

Sunday January 4th @ [23:03]

Goosh! I love this layout! Don't you?? LOL! It's pretty simply, coz I don't really have time to do a cool and complicated one! LOL! Hehe... nywayz, I hope you guys like it. Love you!

Sunday December 1st @ [20:12]

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is round the corner! Want to have a wild and unforgettable Christmas this year? Keep visiting my site! LOL! Anyway~ I've updated my site once a bit, nothing much, I've changed the look for some pages and the font style. I think this is better, don't you think my way too?? Haha! What else? hmm... yeah! I'm thinking to put up a column for 

Sunday December 1st @ [20:12]

24 more days to Christmas!! Feeling a lil bit exiting right now... hehe... I think I'm already in the mood of Christmas? LOL! That's why, I've change the look of my site! Like it? Hope u do... well, you must or else I'll kill you! LOL *jk. I also added in a few stuff which I promised to add in long long time ago ^*^ the blog page and also something very new, a column specially for all my 'so call themselves my friend!' LOL the Shoutoutz column. Pretty cool one! Check it out!

Saturday November 16th @ [23:13]

Yeah... I've change my layout. The theme is based on Thanksgiving Day, although it's a bit late to change it... but hey! it is better than I didn't change at all rite? (más vale tarde que nunca) LOL! Hope you'll like it coz I think it is much much way better than my previous one, which is the 'Beach'.

Sunday November 3rd @ [23:59]

Good news!!! Westlife were in town last week and on my 'featured' column, I got some of their live action which took during the 'Westlife Showcase & Soccer Extravaganza'. So, pretty cool huh? Enjoy! Oh yeah, Happy Deepavali to all Hindus in Malaysia and all over the world!! Gotta bounce now... for some Muruku. LOL!

Sunday October 27th @ [03:50]

Hmm... since everyone is complaining bout those photos in my site not working properly, I fixed them already. But, bout those 'under construction' sites, I'll work on it after my spm (no time for it now). So, be patient alright? *muakx!

Sunday October 13th @ [18:53]

I fixed my tagboard a little (thanks to Wayne for the help!). I had everyone I know test it out for me, so if this one fails then to Hell with it, honestly. I also fixed my splash , index and links. I'm still working on my first newsletter so please be patient!). If you have any suggestions, PLEASE contact me!! 

Sunday October 6th @ [00:12]

The tagboard aren't working right? yeah, I know :-( But, no worry, I'll get it all fix up :-). So, keep that e-mail coming in, okie? Keep all that comments coming in, don't be shy. I'm sure we can work something out. I'm sorry for the inconvienience :0(

Friday September 28th @ [22:47]

Hey Everybody! Still fixing my site a bit, trying to make it even better...But anyway, I've managed to do a little bit of the fixing (lol). I am thinking of making a column for people to put their vote in for my site. I don't know when, but soon. Still checking out some javascripts I can put on my site but it might slow my site when it loads up...

Monday September 9th @ [21:33]

Yahoo! Finally, everything is up! Hmm...I've been working on it since last June! Can you believe it?? Well, it is because I've been studying for my Mid-Year Examination :-) Sorry for that, kieyz? Anyway~ I hope you will like my page. See ya!

Monday September 2nd @ [21:20]

Yes, and this is my new home!!! I want to thank Tripod TONS for hosting me! Please forgive me for all the broken images and links at the moment. I'm working as hard as I can to get them all fixed A.S.A.P. Bare with me please!!! And I know some of you have seen the layout before, but I'm in the midst of a new one. I'll be getting to work on everything!!! I'll try and have everything up and running as smoothly as I could by weekend!!!