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Piano Scores

Here are some of my favourite piano tabs. I put it over here not to just only let you download it for free but it is also for me, so that next time I don't need to look over the whole web for that particular song cause it's already on my site! It can takes up to a month to look for a song, do you believe it? Well, for example, 'Autumn In My Heart's Theme song I've been looking for it since the first episode of that drama on TV3, and I only get to fint the scores before the drama end (which is the last 2 episodes) so, it was like about a month? Why don't I just buy the book? Well, actually there is a book in store which published all the Korean pop song in it BUT practically, I don't want to buy a book cost me RM38.90 which it is only contains 2 songs of my choice. So, now you got it, why I don't want to buy it? Lol!

1 "Winter Sonata" Main Theme From Beginning Till Now 514 KB [.zip]
2 "Winter Sonata" Theme My Memory 526 KB [.zip]
3 "Autumn In My Heart" Main Theme Reason 33 KB [.zip]
4 Complicated Avril Lavigne 78 KB [.zip]
5 I'm Not A Girl (Not Yet A Women) Britney Spears 386 KB [.zip]
6 Fallin Alicia Keys 1143 KB [.zip]
7 I Need You Leann Rhimes 563 KB [.zip]
8 I Have A Dream Westlife 59 KB [.zip]