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Other Stuff About Me?

     You can talk to me if you want, e-mail (don't worry, I'll be nice) OR you could try on those panel thingy (ICQ, AOL, tagboard) on my site!

     When I get really happy, or I get in a good mood I do stupid things. Not really idiotic for the most part (but somewhat so), but more chaotic I guess you might say. It's like how other people act when they're drunk. LOL!

     Am I FAMOUS? not really, I just like to pretend I am, so I can feel cool. LOL! I was in the 'Golden Kids Show' (it is a kid talk show on tv2) when I was aged 11 and I quit when I went in high school (coz my mom don't allow me to join it anymore, with the excuse I need more time to do my revision. Oh yeah right! As is she really mean it... she just feeling kind of lazy to bring me to the studio! LOL!). 

     My ACHIEVEMENT huh? Well, too many to say it all out but mostly all my achievements are came from performances I did like singing and etc. I just love performing in any kind of occasion, either for school or society. I find that it can manage me to make more friends all over the place! Cool isn't it? Yeah! Besides that, I also know how to play the piano, organ and guitar. I also deeply in love on the drum but I just got no time for it after making my way on these 3 instruments. I actually have a dream to become an artiste during my childhood. Hehe... but hell yeah, gave up that dream after realising that it is a frustrating job for me :-)

     I really enjoy going to school! Especially, this is my last year in high school so I got that feeling that I'm gonna miss my high school life pretty much (except for the teachers!) Next year I'll be going off to, the good news is, no more uniform and Mrs. Chong!

I played bowling for quite a some time, 6 years. I can spin pretty good so no worry on my spinning. Right now I'm learning hooking basic and I can see that I am doing it pretty well. Yeah! Way to go! LOL!

     Besides bowling, I also joined the Taekwando-Do in my school. I just got my black belt (dan 1) this year, not long ago. Yeah, couldn't believe that I actually a black belt student huh? Haha! Well, neither than I don't believe it too! But...hmm... I did took part in some of the tournaments organized my WTF (World Taekwan-do Federation) got some pretty trophy and cool prizes too! But what most important to me is those CERTIFICATE! Well, for some other people, those certificate was only a piece of normal paper but in my case, I'm dying to get one! I just don't know why. And everytime I took part in something, it is not because of the prizes (well, I admit on some occasion is for those fab prizes, though...) but most of it are to get a certificate! Well, like what I said before, I'm a weird person  :-) and guess what? I even got a nicely wrapped clear folder specially for those certificates! 

     I played some other sports too, basketball, volleyball, softball. Wasn't that great at any of those except I was pretty good at BASKETBALL. Got into the school's team for that but the sad part was I got kicked off the team part way through because I missed a few training. Haha! Good on me!

     Well, I think I better stop right here cause I know you're getting bored listening to my shittt stuff which you're not necessary need to know or bother... nyway, If I really get u into boredom with my shittt, sorry...