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Frenzy Page

This frenzy page is dedicated to all my friends...


.:Who are they:.

.:How I know them:.

.:Comment about them:.

Arrielle We used to play a band, once upon a time... She may appear quiet and innocent but actually she's not!!!! Hahahaha! 
Alex Leow Through IRC thingy This 'HanDSome^Cicak' alwayz buzy updating his webpage~
Alex Yap He's Christine's bro and also my school former Interact President Year 1998 Christine's brother but they don't have any similarity at all! Hmm. I wonder why??!!
Amanda L. Basketball I would offer myself to be her gf, if only she's a guy!
Andrew A. Librarian Vice President of The School's Library a.k.a. Pn. Tan's pet. Don't try to bully him or Pn. Tan will call you 'AMOI'. Akekeke
Boon Xan He used to be my bf! What you expect? This is a cool guy with the look of victor Chen (Kelly Chen's brother)
Charlene Through Cheryl. She's Cheryl sista Mirror mirror on the wall...  who is the fairest of them all??
Cheryl She's my classmate since form 2 This funky lil girl just can't stop talking bout "%&^#%&?@$%@>&$%*@%^&+"
Christine Y. We used to hang out often during form 1 Big fan of Ayumi Hamasaki and sushi. Akekeke!!
Christina T. She's my classmate since form 3 and used to be my neighbour  She talks and talks, laugh and laugh non-stop. (Safety note: Stimulation in large doses could trigger off her hyenic laugh. Demands careful channeling, otherwise it could lead to lung explosions!!)
Chun Han Interact Club Here he goes with 'blurry'. Just look on his face.....
Ee Fern she's a new student in my school and she enter my class and that's how we become friends! As unpredictable and unexpectable like the weather, a moment she's fine, the next minute she can be seen performing a dramatic ritual of her anger exorcism!
Cyndy She's my F1-F3 classmate Jeez~ We just got too much things in common!
Edison He's my Taekwando Senior! Can you believe it!!?? He's younger than me!! This 16 year old young talented guy present to be the future Wang Li Hom. He can play the guitar, keyboard, violin, organ, drum......
Evelyn C. I knew her since standard 3! She so......EVIL!!!!! (can tell from her name already) Hahaha!!
Izzet Through irc thingy

Hey, wazzup?? (The only thing in his mind is.....'CHICS') All da ladies who call themselves chic!, beware!! This guy is DANGEROUS!

Isaac Through IRC thingy This crazy guy everyday play basketball under the sun, no wonder so thin...& dark! Muahaha!
Ivan Through IRC thingy Bully Shirley enough, dun bully me ok?
Jing Yi Basketball Basketball Pro. Just look at her height!
Jimmy Through ICQ thingy My Singapore friend, now in NS [Ho! ho! ho!] But yet, you can check him out @
Jolyn Kim Basketball This MCC girl: "Aiyoh, how come like this one?? Not like that meh??" (Singlish pro)
Keegan L. Singing Competition Innocent boy with an innocent face,but.......father own his own clinic!~
Khee Wei Singing Competition This guy just can't live without singing, 'wa beh ta han liao'!
Lynnette Long story... read that out in 'My Best Buddies' column Dun ever mention the word 'Britney Spears' infront of her, or else she'll grab  her 'parang' and runs after you!! (anti-Britney Spears)
Mei Ling She's my sister's friend's sister

Shouting, talking, different, coz it's all the same! (chipmunk's voice) 

Mervyn M. Bowling and he also one of my senior in Taekwan-do Club Strike King Of The Year. Eat, sleep and play BOWLING!! You can catch this guy 24/7 at the Pyramid Mega Lane!
Mus Erm... long story... click here to read more bout it One of the skater boy in town
Nikki I knew her since primary school This girl...can manage her bowling skills in few months time! Can u believe it??
Palveen I knew her since primary school This girl, everyday say want to fetch me from school but now, want to graduate liao, still not yet see her car's bayang-bayang lagi!
See Lim Singing competition He sings a song of opessimist, he walks alone like the horn of rhinoceros, he survives with only pen and paper, he's SEE LIM!!
See Yeow Singing competition Can he sing, walks and survives as good as his brother?? Hm.....we'll see!
Shu Mei I knew her since primary school One of the active member of the 'Quiet Society'
Siew Ling I knew her since primary school Just can't stop talking bout guys.....and 'Dao Ming Tze'. Oh, My Lord!
Shirley Kok Through Ivan I think she deserve this award;'The Roti Gurl Of Da New Millennium'!! Just ask her anything bout 'Roti'...from A-Z, from roti canai-roti tisu! Lol!!
Stephen Wu Through Ee Fern Wherever there's Ee Fern, there's Stephen!! Hahahaha!
Shu Huey My schoolmate She's a HUGE fan of Stephanie Sun! Dun try to talk bad/criticize her idol when u're with her.....I can't guarantee what will happen
Sue Tian My Classmate since form 4 Don't ever been fooled by her sweet innocent look, she can be very nasty though...
Tjun Chiat My Classmate since form 4 Playboy, playboy, playboy, playboy!
Wai Nee My Classmate since form 2 Luckiest girl on this whole 'Planet Earth' or should I say Dominic is the luckiest guy on this planet to get Wai Nee as his gf??
Wee Kian Singing competition This guy is kewl! He's a great friend but sometimes......troublemaker!!
Winnie Siah Through Siew Ling Now you see you don't!
Wayne Through ICQ thingy He knows anything about 'COMPUTER' ;  from hardware-software, from Javascript to Flash! Trust me...U should meet this guy! He is kewl!



That's all, I to bounce now

~God Bless~

P/S: if I leave anyone off please let me know and I will add U in.





*Click here to see their pretty faces. Haha!