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My Experiences


Here is some kool stuff I've done.

I've sung in recitles when I was younger. It was on tv too.
I was in danced and took it for 8 years. I was on stage once each year. I started when I was 4 and stopped when I was 12.
I've met A few guys, dated, and found the one I loved. His Names Dan And We've been together for 10 months. I'm In Love.

I've Went to 3 Melody tent concerts. Natalie merchant and Shawn Colvin. They were really good. I also saw Shawn Mullins.

I went to Nyc with Dan he brought me to see Lifehouse. I was in the audience for "the last call with Carson Daly". Lifehouse played their new hit "spin" and I got to say Bye to Jason. I don't think he heard me but I was like close enough to touch him.