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The Blessing Of Good Friendships


A friend loves at all times...Proverbs 17:17

The Lord has truly showered me with the
blessing of great friendships.
Faithful friends like Lynn, Mus, Ed, Christine,  & Cheryl...

and one of my BEST FRIEND is happen to be, Lynn  :-)


Hey gorgeous!
you have been the greatest friend to me and I would like to take this 
opportunity to thank you and let you know how much you mean to me,
yes it's true! It's been 8 years! Hey, you were always there for me no matter 
what, you always stood up for me, always helping me, listening to all my 
problems and bitching, hehe.... and you never complain about anything and 
I know I can always count on you, coz from the moment we became friends 
you had always stood by me and and kept all your promises I don't know if 
you remember this but, when you first came to Seafield, our form teacher
placed you beside me and show you around and all that...Ooo well, I guess 
that's how we got to know each other ^_^ and there was one time we were
building a sandcastle (and I still remember I thought it was the greatest 
sandcastle ever! LoL) and this friggen asshole knocked it over on purpose,
and I just stood there and cryed my eyes out so you went up to that kid and
yelled at him and all that, and then you dobbed on him! =) well it didn't
seem like anything back then, but when I think about it even now if 
anybody hurts me or offend me in anyway you'd always be there to defend
me I just want you to know that you have been a REALLY great friend and 
you'll always be! ^-^ and *I know* that somewhere in the past I hadn't been
a terrific friend to you and I'm really sorry. I hope you know that even 
through all the bad times we've been through or will be going through in the
future, no matter what happens you would always be my best friend and I
hope you also know that without you I would probably die! You're not only
my best friend but also my confidence! haha =P well, guess you don't realise
this but I'm really feeling guilty whenever the time we fought or had an 
argument :-( I really don't mean to hurt you and I'm pretty sure you don't 
wish to hurt me too :-) But, I guess everything we went through is actually 
some sort of cycle of a friendship (sometimes friends just had a little 
argument and the next day they got back together just like nothing 
happened!) Well, I guess it is the same for us! :-) You're always there pushing
me to do something that I wouldn't have tried I learn practically everything
from you and you know I sometimes really wish I could be just like you and
because we understand each other so much I sometimes think that we were 
meant to be best friends! I mean, isn't it cool how we still knew each other even
not seeing each other for 2 years (coz you've left to US with your parents) and 
after quite a while we been separated, we still became best budz all over 
again! Hehe... that is MEGA-cool! =D Well, before I end this I just want you 
to know that you're my bestest friend I've ever had in the world! Anyhow, 
too much writing over here, I think I got to cruize now... so bubbyezz!! n 
best friends forever! =)


p.s. : I've made a special column for ya. Make sure you check that out! Coz it's pretty cool as well. Hehe... SURPRISE!!  8D